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Afterlife proves lucrative

According to a new article posted on the Motley Fool website, a Californian inventor has filed for an application to patent his new product: a tombstone that comes equipped with video.

In an effort to commemorate one's life, it will soon be possible, along with your other estate planning chores, to create a video that can be viewed posthumously on your head stone, via a computer and LCD screen fitted inside the stone.

Can you envision selling this feature? "In addition to the completion of your will, sir, how would you like to continue your legacy of wit and charm through posthumous video?" or "Why bore those you love with the usual reverent cemetery silence..." or "Tell your family and friends what you really think of them, without the guilt."

The moral of this story would have to be: anything can be marketed and sold. Anything. I am personally creeped out by this tombstone feature, and am contemplating all the jokes that will manifest on the stages of many a comedy club.