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To blog or not to blog

After the hype has settled a bit, businesses are now seeing "blogging" or Web-logging as a viable tool to reach their target audience and create a personal, interactive environment for their current clients. Although some speculation has been given to the longevity of this marketing vehicle, it has gained enormous popularity with businesses and professionals due to its cheap, efficient, and trendy reputation.

We decided to create our Ricksticks blog to help keep an open dialogue with friends, colleagues, and clients regarding current marketing trends. In addition, it has given us more of an opportunity to update content and keep the personality of our website fresh without changing the site's architecture.

But there are many good reasons for developing a company blog. Here are some other reasons I believe blogs are useful for businesses:

• They create a "friendly" atmosphere for clients and prospects
• Blogs provide an open space to share knowledge and ideas, thus increasing your profile and reputation
• Blogs are "grassroots" in a time when people are tired of "in-your-face" advertising
• Blogs are search engine friendly, as they are content rich
• Blogs are ever-changing, which gives clients and prospects a reason to keep coming back (and why it's so important to provide client-centric information)
• They are low maintenance – it's easy to update the content
Can you think of other advantages? Does you company use a blog for another reason, not mentioned in this list?

Here are a few links about business blogging, if you're considering starting your own.

Another hot topic, for those of you who think traditional blogging passé, is re-blogging. According to, re-blogging is the process of filtering and re-publishing content from other blogs using selected feeds, or, plainly said, funneling text from various sites into one weblog. I'll get in to the topic of re-blogging very soon, so check back in the next week.

In the meantime, happy blogging!