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Generation X/Y making the art of business cool

There are a host of new reality shows coming out in the same vein as The Apprentice, including the Matt Damon / Ben Affleck produced, American Start-Up, to be premiered on Spike TV, and entrepreneur, Richard Branson's softer approach, The Billionaire: Branson's Quest For The Best.

As with any trend, the backlash against the anti-corporate attitude of the 90's is giving way to a new wave of youth-looking-for-their-big-break. The "no pain, no gain" creed of the 80's is back as a nation of Republican rule ushers in a breed of youth with dollar signs in their eyes and credit card debts to pay off.

With advertising agencies paying close attention to kids as young as..., well, still in the womb, it's no wonder we're seeing a continuing rise in young consumers, debt-ridden twenty-somethings, then educated young professionals seeking quick solutions to mounting debt and the desire for "more." Becoming upwardly mobile is no longer just a cool notion for the educated, it is essential for debt and standard of living maintenance.

With heroes now being found in the Wall Street and self-made-man arena, I wonder what this newfound entrepreneurial trend will bring forth, and how the push for wealth will shape the coming years, economically? Is your business marketing to youth? How do you think the next generation of consumers will approach the services/products you offer?

We'll soon find out...And whatever did I do with my power suit?