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More Olympics

Funny thing, I've not watched more than 5 minutes of Olympic coverage (synchronized diving -- what's that all about?), but I'm writing about it (them) again. Since they have an "OFFICIAL" Olympic fontface, I thought it worth mentioning. The font is AGFA's Gill Sans. Good choice, I think.

Makes me wonder though: To what extent will the host country go to designate "official" items in branding the Olympics -- re: $$$. They have a couple Schoos (thanks Kim) for "official" mascots. I'm certain that there is an "official" Athens Games Sports Drink and they've likely added an "official" Bank of the Games. Is there an "official" pencil manufacturer? How about an "official" diaper provider for the games?

Speaking of the Olympics, uses the instantly recognized rings to illustrate a simple Photoshop technique using layers to make element appear to be woven here.