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Blogs as catalysts

With the tragic passing of Uppity Negro blogger, Aaron Hawkins, I am pondering how blogs are changing the tempo of online relationships. Aaron's death caused a tidal wave of reaction and emotion in people who only knew him by his words. His blog, it seems, embodied him and created a synergistic relationship with his readers that will always be remembered.

This said, I wonder how many of you have considered the effect of your blog on readers? Are you currently involved in business relationships with fellow bloggers? How conducive has your blog been toward creating meaningful, mutually successful relationships? Or do you prefer a distant, yet educational approach?

Personally, I have developed quite a few, dare I say it, friendships with likeminded folks. If not friendships, certainly kinships. I have exchanged thoughts and opinions with countless folks, and always end up amazed at the sincerity of this information forum, where personal and business growth transpires.

As tragic as Aaron's death has been, it is obvious that he has gracefully touched so many readers with his knowledge, convictions, and progressive spirit.

That is the power of words.