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Chocolate for anyone willing to warm the pews

Apparently, in a desperate attempt to rebuild dwindling congregations, about 160 churches in Manchester are passing out chocolate bars in bags marked, "Missing You" to would be lost souls...

Church woos reluctant worshippers with chocolate

Now, this interests me on a couple of levels. First, well, it's kind of funny and it has me wondering what communion will entail, and what gourmet treats will replace the traditional body of Christ? Pate? A gingerbread man?

More importantly, this provided an impetus for some creative brainstorming at our firm. What have we been doing to entice prospects and bring back old clients with whom we've lost touch? What can we do to inspire new business?

During our morning meeting, a lot of great ideas transpired. Some of them include: throwing an Open House reception with food and drink, sending "care packages" with coupons for new services/products, hosting an evening workshop for brand building (among other relevant topics)...the possibilities are endless.

Taking our cue from the Church of England, it's time to fill some of those "pews" by getting prospects and clients excited about the benefits of our services.

What is your business doing to solicit new business or generate interest?