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Super-Size my McLogo please!

McDonald's will be dropping its logo from its new ads in Britain. Wow.

Looks like the people are finally winning this battle. Overstuffed on burgers, consumers are becoming more educated on the food facts: grease will kill you. Or at least, it will lead to obesity.

The replacement for the old logo will be a question mark. You can see a sample here.

The move is a clear demonstration of how much an organization's identity can be tied to a mark. The double arches now symbolize the old McDonalds: burgers, fries, shakes. The question mark somehow must embody salads, wraps, and soy milk.

A question mark?

The copy: "McDonald's. But not as you know it" might be in reference to the old Star Trek, "It's Life, Jim, but not as we know it."

Healthy eating... the Final Frontier. These are the desperations of the restaurant, McDonald's. Possibly, a five year mission: to explore strange new foods, to seek out new beverages and new menu items. To boldly go where conscientious eateries have gone before....