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Putting the Kibash on Foxy PR Campaign

Man is the hunter; woman is his game
There is a connection between violence against women and violence against animals. Our culture sees women as meat.
By Carol J. Adams

A strip joint in Minneapolis used to offer a “Deer hunter’s special” during the fall, with the invitation to “Come check out our buck-naked girls.” A couple of years ago, “Hunting for Bambi” generated a lot of media attention with its supposed $10,000 hunting spree said to allow men to chase two naked women (except for sneakers) and try to shoot them with paintballs.

It was a hoax, but this wasn’t: Referring to the dead boar he was straddling for a photograph for the Philadelphia Inquirer a few years ago, a hunter explained to the reporter, “I’ll grab it just like I grab my women.” Then there was the fur store that invited women to “Come in and get skinned beautifully.”

Tacky? Yes. Over the line? Absolutely. Completely consistent with "the product?" Now we're getting into those pesky grey areas...