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Big brands are dead. Long live the anti-brand brand!

I've been thinking about all the conversations happening around the blogosphere (gawd, do I hate that word) and all the relevant books out there regarding the demise of the brand as we once knew it - in association with the monoliths.

It seems to me that organizations and businesses who use this knowledge to sell from an anti-selling perspective are wise. I wonder how much money Naomi Klein made and is making from her touted 'No Logo' - how much she generates via speaking engagements? In other words, I am curious how effective Naomi's 'No Logo' brand is in selling the concept of non-branding.

The smart companies out there will be looking for ways to prey upon the almost clinical cynicism of today's buyer and rolling out their new "streetwise" products/services. Organic style is all the rage. Think clean. Think clear. Think nothingness.

The NGOs that have been fighting rampant consumerism have been saying all this for a long time anyway. In this, perhaps they are the real winners.

If only there was a way to package nothing and sell it ...Ah! Maybe that goes back to spiritual capital and other intangible forms of capital once discussed over at Hugh's.