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Death of the Mixed Tape

We've been having a bit of a thoughtful debate on the topic of "mixes" and whether or not they have any relevance now that mp3s and downloads and file sharing make it possible to have more music at our disposal than ever before.

Jon always has some great things to say about the state of music today, and in particular, the reconstruction of radio as we once knew it.

I was one of those mixed tape making girls in school. Some of my mixes were legendary ... okay, well they were legendary to me, anyway.

In fact, to defy the notion that the meaningful mix is no longer relevant, I have decided to post some of my favorite musical mixes for every mood and season. Music has such a wonderful way of crossing cultures, generations, and socioeconomic lines. I love the fact that music can, in its basic form, be a vehicle of expression for even the poorest among us.

Today's Theme: Music to Motivate, also called the Monday Morning Mix

  • Stand Back - Stevie Nicks
  • Wild One - Jerry Lee Lewis
  • You're so Bad - Tom Petty
  • Pink Glove - Pulp
  • Fast as You Can - Fiona Apple
  • Go Walking Down There - Chris Isaak (meow)
  • Burning Down the House - Talking Heads
  • Sheila-Na-Gig - PJ Harvey
  • Skeleton Town - Mary Gauthier
  • Sometimes - James

What musical mixes do you have kicking around? What role does music play in your life? How has music changed in your lifetime?