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I'm Your Pusher

Starbucks, that common denominator that links us all together. That abominable java brand we all admit has done a great job creating a culture and experience uniquely their own. With profits ridiculously soaring this year, it's no argument they have an effective marketing program going for them.

I've never personally fallen victim to Starbucks. Always one for the underdog, I prefer to get my fix and do my literary brooding at local cafes, like Timothy's. Seeing Starbucks as a bully, yes, but also because - um, it's COFFEE, people. Get a life.

Seriously, I remember a college friend of mine who was finishing up his doctorate at UDub (University of Washington) and was rudely refused a job at Starbucks. Apparently, according to the manager, he just wasn't enthusiastic enough or experienced enough in the art of coffee making. Okkkaaaay.

Corporate culture or no, sometimes you have to take a good hard look at the product your convincing people they need and wonder about the quality of your life. At least the people who work for Starbucks have an excuse... ?

And Smart people love to talk about them, too.

I can't think of any other group of consumers so in love with a brand - outside of Mac users. You?

We can marvel over their success or bash them at every chance. Regardless, coffee remains the drug of choice, and they are the #1 beloved pusher.