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Measuring Success

It seems to me there are a lot of people trying to find spiritual meaning in business.

One of the results of the direct hit on the concept of the corporation, its players or its behind-the-scene criminals, is a shift in the purpose of one's professional life and how it relates to the Self.

Why do we defend marketing and adverting - shrug our shoulders and demonize it - then come back 180° by finding the love again?

If a cigar can just be a cigar, can't a profession just be a profession?

Some would argue that since a career takes up so much of our life, it should be rewarding. True. But it can be pleasurable in the sense that a warm glass of brandy or a day on the beach is pleasurable. Need it be prodigious? Should it define us to the point of complexity?

I view most jobs as less than meaningful in the "grand scheme," in that death bed - last breath kind of way. Unlike developing a lifesaving vaccine, or leading a revolution, or teaching children - our real link to the future - most careers are meaningful only in the economic moment and to ourselves for the joy it brings us.

I think that little bit of meaning is enough, how about you?