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Mixed Tape Revisited

Thanks to Lauren for subconsciously calling my bluff and resurrecting the "mix tape" culture.

Not long after my post on the Death of Mixed Tapes, I came across her call to action. Rather than a gift swap, the assignment was to compile a list of music that tells your story, so to speak, burn the compilation to cd, and send to the person whose name you've "drawn."

This has been great fun and a wonderful way of stirring up loyal readers and building community.

Here's what I came up with:

Mix of a Lifetime

• Good About Me - Joseph Arthur
• You Do - Aimee Mann
• Blackbird - The Beatles
• Wild Flowers - Tom Petty
• Where Will I Be - Emmylou Harris
• Bellyfish - Veda Hille
• No Poetry - Gary Jules
• Cello Song - Nick Drake
• Red - Daniel Lanois
• Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off - Hawksley Workman
• Wild Horse - Deb Talan
• Limp - Fiona Apple
• Some Guys - Tuxedomoon
• Perfect Day to Chase Tornados - Jim White
• Meathook - Hannah Fury
• Suitcase - Over the Rhine
• In Spite of Me - Morphine
• All My Tears - Julie Miller
• Back to the Earth - Rusted Root
• Another Train - The Poozies

[If you must know the reasons behind the songs, go here. ]

Has anyone thought of ways to connect with your readers in an interesting and meaningful way? I'd love to hear your ideas.

Happy Holidays!