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The Female Body in Art

This is very off topic, but I am interested in your opinion...

I was recently having a conversation with an art friend of mine about the use of the nude female body in the visual arts.

As it stands in fine art photography circles, it is highly discouraged for young photographers to use the nude body as their subject, let alone the female body. It is even more discouraged, and I dare say cliche, for male artists to do so (for obvious reasons).

However, it is also just as obvious that for every nude photograph, painting or sketch, there are at least a dozen buyers, likely more. And there are far too many voyeurs, unwilling to buy the wares they are ogling.

I won't even get into advertising's use of nudity because that MO isn't based on art appreciation or the pursuit of higher art forms.

What I am interested in is this - Do you think there is still a need for the body, particularly the female body, to be explored in art? If so, what are the messages you feel are valid or are currently lacking?

Or, are you simpatico with the current high art scene which says nudity is SO yesterday.

Okay, back to business...