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Gaining Loyal Customers - One Cali Roll at a Time

Last night we had our usual Friday dinner out - this time deciding to try a new sushi bar on the other side of town. Toronto has a sushi bar on every block - they are almost as plentiful as Tim Hortons.

We knew when we walked in that we should have made a reservation - the place was crawling with kids - and we were seated at an aisle table, right in the line of fire for errant coat sleeves and scarves to graze our heads.

Not exactly the best first impression - although we did note the friendliness of the staff. And hey, it's Friday in the city. You take your chances.

As we casually sipped our sake and ate our average sushi, we had pretty much written the place off for another visit. That is, until our meal was completed and the waitress came over and sat a California Roll down in the middle of the table and said, "Compliments of the chef."


Something free and for no good reason?

Okay, so the roll probably cost them about $1.00 to make. Still, we were elated.

From there, dessert was brought out. And this was not the usual run-of-the-mill Japanese red bean ice cream dessert. No, this was actually pretty good.

But maybe it wasn't that it was all that good. Maybe, just maybe, we had been so bowled over to get something for free, that the rest of the meal seemed awesome.

Yep, underpromise and overdeliver.

After we left, we talked about what we give our clients - just because. What's our California Roll, as it were?

For that matter, what's yours?

Bon Appetite!