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The Meaning of Blogs

Since I have been singing the praises of blogs and the connections we make with our fellow bloggers, I thought Caitlin's question via Cat Out Loud was a good counter-approach...

Me, to Jon as he comes upstairs to bed and passes my landing:

"You really have to wonder. Here is someone who has spent 51 minutes on my weblog so far.

"Jon: "Maybe they were on the phone."

Me: "But they had 16 page views."

Is the blog world all smoke and mirrors? One wonders.

How many of us have begun to treat our blog(s) like an extension of our own self worth, either as activists, entrepreneurs, or professionals? It's as though the blog, in more significant ways than a simple web site, has become our own art form - subject to the random judgments of passersbys.

On one hand, this can create a lot of meaningful dialogue. On the other, and what the archaic tend to criticize, they can be nothing more than hyped-up journals of personal diatribes.

One of my original reasons for blogging was to generate new business. Realizing this is a slow build process, I began to use this forum as a way to learn from peers, to assemble a network of global contacts, and to maybe, just maybe, form lifetime alliances.

I'd like to think the process has already begun. I know far more professionals than I ever did, left to in person networking. Our site is generating more hits than ever before, and therefore making it possible for more prospects to reach the business.

But there I go singing the praises again.

When Cat asked the question, is the blog world all smoke and mirrors. The answer is yes and no.

Blogs are complex because people are complex. We have met people who are gems and those who have misrepresented themselves. We have met the love of our life, only to play the cuckold. We have had great leads on new projects, only for the deal to collapse.

Blogs, stripped down, are just people looking for something - and they have the capacity to both disappoint and surprise.