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Takes One to Sell One

If you've ever been in sales, and haven't we all, you will encounter the odd sales person who pulls out all the tricks of the trade, desperate to find that one angle that will convince you to "upgrade" or "renew" so they meet their quota.

I just got off the phone with one of those pesky callers, and started to wonder why - when so many business folks have heard every pitch in the book - why a new approach is never taken.

I'm a no-nonsense buyer - and I only want it after doing my own research and figuring out that, yes, in fact, this product is a good investment for this particular point in my life (not down the road).

I just love to deal with low key companies that have taken the time to realize this about me and give me my desired space.

In turn, they get my loyalty.

It's THAT simple.