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What if You Threw a Pageant and Nobody Came?

Srubbles ponders the relevance of Miss America Pageant when no network will bite.

This is a heartwarming bit of information. Is the public really over these types of archaic debutante balls, or have we just gotten tired of the passe forms of natural beauty when human oddities and physical manipulation are far more titillating?

Reality tv has had a definite impact on society's addiction to the body and has changed the nature of the body to one that is manufactured.

Beyond increasing incomes for plastic surgeons, I wonder how else the shift in relying on science to cure "ugliness," obesity, or other perceived imperfections will impact industries like cosmetics and beauty supplies, diet, and personal hygiene.

If (When) they come up with a way of manufacturing body type, including smell, taste, skin tone etc, could we foreseeablely order a model of our own appearance with as much ease as we choose a model of automobile?

It's not that farfetched a concept. Where else have you seen evidence of medically altered appearance versus natural appearance?