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Advice I Give But Never Take, # 1 & 2

1. Don't Just Go with the Flow. However, don't swim against the current unless there's good reason. Oh, and be prepared to back up that reason.

I'm having one of those days when everything that escapes into the public/social forum seems clumsy and unrefined.

No matter what I say, I feel like my internal censor is going off - red alert.

But does that stop me from not speaking up? Of course not.

Live and learn.

2. No matter how in love you are with your writing, your most important words should be expressed face-to-face.

The beauty and perhaps the tragedy of this form of communication is not in what it is, but what it lacks: physical presence.

I'm sure every one of us have had those difficult e-conversations that have gone poorly, not because of the parties involved or the opinions being expressed, but because the face, the physical gestures, the humanity was missing.

How can we find creative ways to fill this electronic void?