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Differing Groups Could Learn from Each Other

Coming from a nonprofit background and blogging also as a poet, I am often in the fascinating space between those who love business and those who abhor it.

Both sides have their reasons and often times they are well thought out, eloquent in the delivery of opinion and fair in the discussions that take place around some of the topics we are all familiar with: marketing, big business, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, capitalism, the politics of commerce, etc.

Many of the blogs I enjoy embrace a delicate balance - respecting the positive role of business while keeping an eye on the door, knowing what could lurk behind.

I respect those who challenge consumerism. Even though I work in an industry that supports and facilitates the growth of businesses, I am always interested in being prompted to reflect upon (and hopefully improve upon) practices. I welcome divisiveness even among colleagues. There is nothing worse than unbridled complacency.

I find that, as in "the real world," a lot of online discussions are taking place in distinct arenas. Lines have been set. Identities have been carved out. Pseudo-cliques have been formed based on the gamut of political and social flavors.

The need to stick together with likemindeds, so to speak, is understandable. I naturally try and connect with people who mirror my lifestyle - seeking consolation and validation in the highs and lows of running a business, being married, entering into new life expectations.

The only challenge is in our expanding the circles of communication to extend to those outside of our influence and, possibly, our understanding.

This is where true growth starts to happen - beyond your front door. Get out and get to know someone outside of your comfortable circle. Mix up your blogroll.