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More evidence of ethics enmeshed with marketing

There's a Reason Why Perdue Doesn't Give Plant Tours

I used to work for the ad agency that long handled Perdue's advertising account. Let me tell you--There's a reason why they don't do tours at chicken processing plants. It's something akin, if you can imagine, to walking into an operating room and being able to view the surgery from inside the wound.
This is interesting - not the story itself - but the fact that it is coming from BusinessWeek. Times are changing.

I can also say that I'm familiar with the disturbing charges against Perdue Farms. There happens to be one in the small Indiana town where I was born.

Not only does the plant have a terrible reputation for treating its employees poorly, they are also famous for using the services of migrant (allegedly illegal) workers because, frankly, they have a hard time rounding up enough desperate men and women in small town, USA to do the dangerous, dirty work.

I cannot imagine being in charge of an ad campaign for Perdue. What the hell do you say to make them sparkle in light of charges of human and animal abuses.