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Product Placement

Pepsi wins product placement 'Oscar'
PepsiCo products were featured in one in five no. 1 U.S. box office movies last year.

LONDON (Reuters) - PepsiCo Inc. may be only the world's No. 2 soft drinks maker, but in terms of product placement on the big screen it outranked every other brand on the planet in 2004.

Brandcameo, a product placement offshoot of consultants Brandchannel, awarded its top tongue-in-cheek "accolade" to the maker of Pepsi, Aquafina and Mountain Dew on Sunday after the Pepsi brand featured in no less than one in five No. 1 U.S. movie box office smashes last year.

Featuring in movies as diverse as "Alien vs. Predator" and "Dodgeball," Pepsi beat arch-rival Coca-Cola and its ubiquitous Coke brand into second place, where it tied with Motorola and Nike.
In this case, art imitates life.

Listening to the arguments for and against product placements in movies, I wonder what line is being crossed that isn't crossed in real life. To me, product placement in a film is no different than paying to put a giant billboard up on the 401. Big brands saturate our day. I walk down the street and see people with their cans of Coke, wearing Nike, Diesel, Guess, etc...People pay to advertise.

Brand power won't diminish until the perceived value of brands diminishes. Some brands are so powerful, they no longer have anything to prove. I like the businesses that still have something to prove; who have to work for their brand. They aren't cluttering up our lives with their logos.

If regulation happens in the movies, let it happen in other arenas. I would love to look down the highway and see only the landscape.