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Sh$t Disturbing Your Way Into the Buzz

Adrants spotlighted GoDaddy's "censored" Super Bowl ad.

GoDaddy! CEO, Bob Parsons had something lame to say about why the NFL got Fox to buckle.

Of course, the discussion is as irrelevant as the "censorship" with the flurry of oglers.

Despite it all, I was unimpressed with the fact that 1) the ad lacks originality 2) it uses the term "wardrobe malfunction," which is one term that must die and soon and 3) the fact that anyone cared enough to give GoDaddy so much attention for their contrived stunt.

It pains me to write about it, but I am tired of all the praises being sung by peers.

Guess GoDaddy! only cares about their adolescent male customers. Maybe we need a GoMama!, and I know just the crew of sh*t disturbers to do it.