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Street Talk and the Challenge to Professionals

I was perusing some street art sites and happened across the usual critique of this new art form. Graffiti art, the urban folk art, generates controversy from all sides - Questions arise regarding its legitimacy as "art," its legality (What is vandalism? Public defacement?), and its rising stars.

In the same way urban street art is has been scrutinized by everyone from scholars to politicians, we are facing the same series of accusations and scrutiny in the world of blogging and first-person journalism.

Professional publicists, journalists, and writers have been the most vocal about the negative possibilities of amateur reporting and information dissemination. The counter attack rests on displaced paranoia and job insecurity.

As I mentioned in a previous post, being in the print and web design business, you learn quickly how to hold your spot. Competition has always been ever since the advent of design software. You can sit back and complain about it, or you can be a visionary, embrace the challenge, and reinvent your offerings.

I don't believe that recognizing street art, blogging, or other amateur efforts to realize self-expression and story telling belittles professions. In fact, anyone who says otherwise is afraid of the ramifications of being challenged by "outsiders." It's time to be stellar. Mediocrity or half-attempts no longer cut it.

The world is as fierce or as benevolent as you choose.

Recognize and embrace the efforts of many, knowing you will rise to the occasion with revitalized enthusiasm.