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This and That

I am getting close to finishing my chapter for 100 Bloggers. I am anxious to see what transpires. Such a great assortment of writers and dreamers.

Jon Strande is back - better than ever. His post today is well worth the jaunt over. Join in the conversation.

Some newsy tidbits for now:

Pfizer Plans Change, Layoffs

Analysts and fund managers said this week that Pfizer could cut as many as 12,000 of its 122,000 workforce, and they believe many of the cuts will come from what some call its "bloated" global sales force.
Most of those expected to be cut loose are in sales and marketing.

Blogger booted by Google
By Frank Barnako Last Updated: 2/9/2005 12:45:47 PM

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Another Web logger has lost his job, reportedly because of something he wrote.

Postings to Mark Jen's blog,, ended Jan. 27. On the Web log, he wrote about his work. An example: "I spend the bulk of my time thinking of new features or products that customers would want (read: stuff that I want) and then I organize people to build it. It's great!"
And it was great...

Commerce secretary defends push for logo

Selected by the public, the state settled on "Unbridled Spirit" as its new slogan late last year. It was the top vote-getter out of four finalists.

The graphic for the new logo features a horse with a flowing mane and the slogan, "Unbridled Spirit."

Host told the committee the brand should help Kentucky stand out from other states both in attracting tourists and new businesses.

I am personally offended that they didn't even consider my suggested State slogans.