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Jetsgo - Making a Bad Situation Worse

Canada's Jetsgo shuts down, stranding thousands

Canadian low-fare airline Jetsgo suspended operations without warning Friday and said it would seek bankruptcy protection.

The action, which occurred at the start of the March vacation break for many colleges and universities in Canada, stranded an estimated 17,000 passengers, according to wire service reports.

After the pre-Spring Break bomb dropping - NO FLIGHTS, Jetsgo continued to make things worse by using the formula of the defensive:

1. Not acknowleging problem
2. Dropping the ball at one of the worst possible times
3. Doing nothing to repair the damage
4. Dodging accountability

"I'm travelling with my baby, and there were absolutely no provisions made and no one to call. Even if they had provided a shuttle back to the hotel, a cup of coffee, something!"

Some observers didn't hesitate to use the ''f'' word, either, given that the airline was reported to have been still selling tickets Thursday at 11 p.m. - only an hour before it officially ceased operations - and was ready to file a 29-page petition for bankruptcy protection at 8 a.m. Friday.

"I'd say that's fraud," said Dayle Roberts, Packalen's mother, still trying to make her way back to Toronto yesterday and facing another deserted, former Jetsgo check-in counter - this time at Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport.

"It's morally wrong," Roberts said, "and I don't think the government should keep giving this man a chance. It's underhanded and he's lying to the public." more...

Further to doing the very least they could do, Jetsgo went on to dig the hole even deeper...

Jetsgo blames WestJet, alleging espionage

In its court filing Friday, Jetsgo said it was doing well until rival WestJet allegedly got into its computers in 2003. Jetsgo filed a $50-million suit against WestJet for corporate espionage last fall.

It also said WestJet's move from Hamilton airport to Toronto's Pearson airport had "a devastating effect." more...

The mismangement of the disaster is ridiculous. Hopefully, this situation will provide a good example to other struggling airlines of what not to do.