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New York Times Information Death Grip

Bloggers have a lot in common with street artists or graffiti artists. In a backlash against media and high art venues, street art has made its presence known in sometimes the most unsightly ways. The human voice cannot be stifled. Folk art, folk stories, songs have been passed down from generation to generation.

In the same way, bloggers have dismantled walls long ago erected by information monoliths. That's why I am not surprised or impressed about whether the New York Times will start charging for online content. Collective bloggers are discussing ways in which they can also get a piece of the pie and restrict access to recent posts for subscription holders.

I believe what's occurring in the information ownership shuffle is that traditional institutions are becoming irrelevant. Learning is not irrelevant - making information only accessible to a few is.

I challenge bloggers to not go the way of the Times and start charging for their information. I would be worried if I didn't intuitively know that something else will come along to overthrow the confines of restricted access information....Give us time.