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It Must Be Spring...

Posting and, from the looks of it, commenting have been quite slow as of late. I blame this on the nice weather - I prefer to be outside in the sun rather than here, in front of the computer. I am sure you feel the same.

Speaking of spring, projects have a way of flooding in at this time. People feel energized. A whirlwind of activities ensue every April - it's a good time to be busy. Even the air is electric.

I have to temper my enthusiasm for new projects with the sensibility of limitations. See the post about passion below...

I have also noticed some tempers flaring around the blogosphere. I like to associate it with the spring mating season - the primal force that makes guys whistle and women come out in their sexiest attire - with all the pheromones on the wind, you can expect the occasional blow up - even here, in this removed medium.

I'm anxious for some intriguing online debate and have kept a watchful eye on my usual blog reads. Have you noticed the synergy and buzz and sometimes, temper tantrums?