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I love to have visitors come to Toronto. There are so many amazing places here, some holes in the wall and some internationally recognized landmarks.

Part of the joy of having guests is that period of rediscovery that happens with your city. I'm sure if we could take each area of our life and explain it, or share it with others, as we do our cities when someone comes to visit, we'd develop a greater appreciation for the wondrous aspects of those parts of our life.

Spring is a wonderful time for rediscovery. What amazing things have you been taking for granted?

Here are a few I have realized...

Hot Docs - I am a documentary fanatic and this is North America's finest.
Retreat Centre at Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands - Great creative getaway, 10 minutes from the harbour.
Black Creek Pioneer Village - Good for when you need to find a tin candle holder or some decent cornbread.
Southern Accent - Located in an old Victorian, this Cajun restaurant features a resident psychic and the best hush puppies this side of the border. The ambiance is amazing and quirky.
CN Tower - World's tallest building and not for the faint of heart - especially the glass floor.