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Small Firms Look Elsewhere

The Register has a little article on small firms in Britain and their newfound global focus.

"It seems that the stereotypical small business operating in the local community for the local community, is no more," said Pete Ferns, director of NatWest Business Banking.

"Nowadays, entrepreneurs look further afield for business and the internet has opened up a world of opportunity for them to operate across the globe."

We have been contacted by companies in the US and abroad - and the frequency of these contacts is increasing. Businesses, once determined to use local vendors, are seeking cheaper, faster, and / or better equipped business services outside of their own backyard.

As with expansion on any level, there are good points and bad points. Globalization in the form of acquiring cheap labour comes to mind as one of the less than fine aspects of solvent borders. On the positive side, quality firms are no longer restricted by city limits - companies are more than comfortable doing business via teleconference, travel, and email.

I am convinced that blogging has been a key factor for us in bringing in numerous leads and attracting the attention of business professionals from many parts of the world. It has afforded us the opportunity to be involved in exciting new ventures and connect with other small business owners.

It is our goal to cast the net and reach prospective clients all over the world. The world just feels so cozy now, don't you agree?