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The Thrill of the Unexpected Find

We just returned from about 6 hours of yard sale hopping in the Beaches area of Toronto. The point of the sale was to raise money for breast cancer research, so the traffic and rain didn't deter many committed shoppers.

I must confess, I love yard sales - but not for the usual reasons. I know you can find some great deals and the euphoria some people get from finding the perfect ____ for a dollar, that is nice. However, the enjoyment I get from yard sales is the adventure of not knowing what items await me.

The unknown is exciting to me. I would have been the unfortunate soul who chose curtain #3, even though I had a guaranteed item of value, only to find a goat on top of a dirt pile behind that curtain. Still, I will always go for what's behind the curtain.

There are thousands of thrift stores across North America, but what if you aren't in to buying old or used items, and still like the idea of the search? Are there any retail stores out there that do not carry any specific products, but bring in new and unusual stuff every shipment?

I would definitely shop at a retail store where I might find a hula skirt and a monkey wrench in the same aisle. It would be a brilliant concept, and I know plenty of people whose curiosity would take them there every few weeks.

Is this something that would work, or would it go belly up because of the mercurial nature of the stock and the fact that some people might be put off by not having the comfort of knowing what to expect?