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Words That Turn Your Mental Wheels

Over at Fast Company, Heath Row puts the question out there - What are your favorite business blogs? Yesterday he focused on branding blogs.

The answers are always interesting. I enjoy seeing what other people consider good reads, informative, entertaining. Branding is tricky because the jury is and always will be out on the definition of brand, so you'll see a lot of what I consider to be advertising or PR blogs thrown into the mix. Branding swallows all of these, so no use in arguing semantics (although there are scads of books out there that do just that).

I'm always intrigued by what readers like to read. Overall, the appeal of a blog seems to be rooted in two key areas: information and personality.

I'm the type of reader who goes for the informative, unless it is a friend or someone with whom I share a common interest. Personality blogs turn me off completely.

What sort of reader are you? What do you look for? What turns you off?