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On an unrelated (but freaky) note....

Does anyone remember the awful movie, Reanimator? Well there's a real life reanimation project taking place... Interesting and kind of creepy.

I actually had the "pleasure" of witnessing a partial autopsy once. I can understand how scientists and medical professionals become psychologically removed from death. When you look at the human body as a sort of machine, as a mechanic would look at your car, you create a disassociation between human spirit and human biology; the psychic formula that creates an amicable environment for projects such as this.

If there was the possibility of resuscitating an accident victim or a victim of a crime, would you support the use of reanimation? Or do you believe that death should not be tampered with?

There's a lot of superstition surrounding death, so I understand a healthy dose of heeby-jeebies.