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Will Wheaton wrote a heartfelt post today about his personal need to pull back a bit, discard unnecessary tasks, lessen the obligation load. Dave Pollard wrote a similar note yesterday and in previous months about his own battle with time and obligations. I, too, have been struggling with the feeling of being tired, maybe because there are so many fantastic opportunities - too many.

Like the article I spotlighted a few weeks ago about information overload and the dumbing effect too much stimuli has on us, I think we are also feeling the effects of being overexposed.

People are tired of 'reality shows.' Tired of knowing that the company they once trusted is housing criminal elements. We're even tired of talking about ourselves - gasp - in blogs and other forms of expression.

The freedom that once came with being able to shout "Here I am world! Take a look at this!" is being replaced with a meek whisper, "Please leave me alone, world."

People are fickle; we want what we don't have. Now that we have the truth, maybe "we can't handle it." At least, that version of the truth in all its ugliness and humility.

The more I get to know people, the less I want to know. I turn off the news when it comes on. I avoid picking up the phone. Maybe we need a period of discretionary lies to counter the information we cannot seem to get enough of.... Feels like subterfuge coming on. Another Victorian era, maybe?

In the meantime, I'll be reading my Jane Austen in the parlor if anyone wants me. Send your calling card first.