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Put the lime in the coconut...

It's Sunday - and I am at work. Sigh.... I hope the majority of you are out having a barbecue or basking in the sunshine.

As I am gearing up for the 100 Bloggers project, I have taken some time to surf the current "top blogs" to get an idea of what people are reading, what genres capture the most attention.

I've got to say, it's a bit disheartening...but it makes me appreciate those who put so much time and effort into writing about the iconoclastic and thought provoking. There are too many advertising, marketing and pseudo-political blogs - not to say there aren't some incrediblly well-written blogs of the variety.

Here's a brief list of some of the blogs I would love to see more of...

  • Teen and youth related blogs that focus on youth advocacy and rights (especially in education and politics)
  • Transgendered rights, advocacy and education blogs
  • First Nations blogs
  • Community/Neighborhood blogs, especially those that focus on crime prevention, poverty, etc.
  • Cop blogs
  • Irreverent women's sexuality blogs (for women by women - inclusive of women of all shapes, sizes, age, etc)
  • Really honest business blogs - exposing the good, bad, and ugly of corporate America

What do you think is missing?