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It Doesn't Take a Psychic...

Being at home sick on Wednesday, I was surfing around and came across a Montel Williams (shut up) episode featuring the psychic, Sylvia Browne. (I know, I know.) Of course, the audience took turns asking her questions about loved ones who have passed on, and she reaffirmed their belief that the person still walks with them, etc...The usual psychic stuff.

One question in particular that struck me was from a young woman in the audience who asked, "When will this dark cloud that hangs over me leave?" She must have repeated the question five times before Ms. Browne answered her.

"Stop talking about it," she responded.

The woman looked stunned. Finally, an answer rooted in common sense.

The more your focus on the bad things in your life, the more you will find your life influenced by the negative.

Yesterday on True Talk, Tom wrote a really eloquent post entitled 'Fake It 'Till You Make It,' an expression made popular by Alcoholics Anonymous.

The premise is this - You don't have to believe wholeheartedly in something before you begin. The important thing is just to begin. The more you reinforce the positive aspects of you and your business, for example, the more the clouds will start to lift.

Good advice for anyone.