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Yellow the Bold

Yellow trumps the other colors on 2005 - the new orange perhaps? I have seen the trend in fashion and in the dyed tresses of style junkies.

For me, yellow has always felt dated - the yellow siding of clapboard houses, the faded yellow of my grandmother's kitchen walls, the "tie a yellow ribbon round..." - so much that the sight of yellow makes me think of the 50s.

According to Tim Manners' article on Fast Company, yellow is oh so much more than the inoffensive cheery hue we've grown accustomed to...

"Yes, yellow. As in Yellow Pages. Mello Yello. The wimpy color that means "slow down" when you're in traffic and "back down" when you're in a fight ("The sun's not yellow, it's chicken," quoth Bob Dylan) has a game going these days. Thanks, in no small part, to Lance Armstrong. It's amazing how a back-bench hue like yellow could become cooler than blue and bolder than brown with a doubtful push by an incredibly famous bicycle guy with a great story to tell, not to mention a certain proclivity for obscure verse." more ...
Where have you seen yellow?