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Something NOT to get your wife for her birthday



That wiley chupacabra

Someone call the press, major news story here...

Farmer May Have Caught Legendary 'Chupacabra'
Mysterious Animal Kills Chickens, Turkeys

It's definitely gross, whatever it is.

Holding my breath

Watching the hurricane make its way in to NOLA yesterday brought back all the great memories of being there. I hope everyone is safe and sound, and all of your possessions, intact.

Such a beautiful place with so many historic buildings and interesting legends...


Vintage book covers and retro chic

I am a fan of old book covers, particularly those of the pulp fiction variety. Something about it inspires me in the way carnival culture, Bonanza, and rockabilly bands inspire.

After surfing around a bit, I found some great links for collectors of all things quirky.



Give it away

from To make a sale, throw in an iPod

To lure customers these days, marketers at corporations and small businesses are capitalizing on the iPod craze by giving away the popular digital music players made by Apple Computer. In fact, iPod Minis are the No. 1 "motivational" electronics product, according to the trade publication Incentive.
Have you tried this tactic to lure new customers? Have you been motivated to buy something because of the freebie or an added incentive?


Forget principles - Savings motivates

Despite all of the articles and commentary written on the subject of the maligned monolith, Wal-Mart continues to appeal to shoppers. The bottom line is still the #1 motivating factor for the average, adult consumer.

Wal-Mart profit climbs 6 percent in 2Q
So why do professionals continue to talk about Wal-Mart's outmoded employee policies? How much are they losing based on principle?

The problem with most consumer-based research is that it focuses on desire - what would the consumer desire. Of course we would choose better quality, image savvy, eco/socio-friendly products, but that's not reality. Most of us will sneak over to WalMart to buy our everyday items - the affordable is practical and habitual.


Quirky article relevant to marketers

This phenom explains why some young girls and women respond strongly to images of other women - in media, advertising, social settings.

I've always believed that women notice other attractive women before their male counterparts do - Often mistaking their own assessment as that of their partner's.

Perhaps women do seek out mentors - but in a dramatically different way. Read more...

She's So Cool, So Smart, So Beautiful: Must Be a Girl Crush


Quote of the Day

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein


Links 'O the Day

Bloody cool:

Writer's Cabin, a deliberate living design project

Bloody hell!

iPod my Baby


Singing the designer's blues

"Funny yet painfully true" post over at BLANK - Form without Meaning:
Why are clients so cheap when it comes to design? Do they not understand what we do? Do they not care? Have we led them to crave logos like an expectant mother craves a midnight jar of pickles?
In every service based business, you're met with the challenge of defining what you do and justifying the cost. It is particularly difficult when your profession falls into an artistic grey area. And there are too many Mc-logo designers willing to crank out another swoosh or clip art design.


Sensory Branding

From AgencyFaqs

Road ahead: Sensory branding

What is it that the world's most successful branding companies do differently? “Integrating touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound - with startling and measurable results,” says the Brand Czar Martin Lindstrom...

Most marketing and brand building plans pivot around only two senses: sight and sound. However, according to Lindstrom, “Though brand awareness is created. But it's diluted compared to the rare brands that appeal to all five senses.” His theory provides corporates with innovative tools for evaluating a brand's place on the sensory scale, analysing its future sensory potential, and enhancing its appeal to reach the broadest base of consumers....more

Manufacturing a complete experience is the goal of many top brands. Experience extends itself to simulations of real-life activities. This trend is an interesting one to watch ... Have you personally experienced a brand using the three least targeted senses: smell, taste and touch?


Newsflash: People like People

I write for a wide variety of organizations and businesses. Most of these assignments are quite enjoyable - and I'm astounded by the amount of information I end up storing in the recesses of my subconscious. Just ask me anything about environmental risk assessments or real estate in Toronto.

Typically, the most enjoyable assignments are those that involve an individual who has overcome some tragedy or obstacle. First, the interviewees are fascinating - their energy and positive outlook can be contagious. Second, the story almost always touches people.

I'd like to think the most compelling articles are those I spend the most amount of time on, or those that cut into my weekends, or somehow challenge me to the point of exhaustion. But the fact is, the stories that speak to readers are those with relational value, the ones that say something about humanity.

Sometimes when we write about our business, we lose this basic element. People look for mirrors of experience. They seek validation of spirit and a sense of purpose.

Forget your fantastic services, your awesome interior design, and put your emphasis on the people who surround you and make your business what it is.