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Newsflash: People like People

I write for a wide variety of organizations and businesses. Most of these assignments are quite enjoyable - and I'm astounded by the amount of information I end up storing in the recesses of my subconscious. Just ask me anything about environmental risk assessments or real estate in Toronto.

Typically, the most enjoyable assignments are those that involve an individual who has overcome some tragedy or obstacle. First, the interviewees are fascinating - their energy and positive outlook can be contagious. Second, the story almost always touches people.

I'd like to think the most compelling articles are those I spend the most amount of time on, or those that cut into my weekends, or somehow challenge me to the point of exhaustion. But the fact is, the stories that speak to readers are those with relational value, the ones that say something about humanity.

Sometimes when we write about our business, we lose this basic element. People look for mirrors of experience. They seek validation of spirit and a sense of purpose.

Forget your fantastic services, your awesome interior design, and put your emphasis on the people who surround you and make your business what it is.