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Sensory Branding

From AgencyFaqs

Road ahead: Sensory branding

What is it that the world's most successful branding companies do differently? “Integrating touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound - with startling and measurable results,” says the Brand Czar Martin Lindstrom...

Most marketing and brand building plans pivot around only two senses: sight and sound. However, according to Lindstrom, “Though brand awareness is created. But it's diluted compared to the rare brands that appeal to all five senses.” His theory provides corporates with innovative tools for evaluating a brand's place on the sensory scale, analysing its future sensory potential, and enhancing its appeal to reach the broadest base of consumers....more

Manufacturing a complete experience is the goal of many top brands. Experience extends itself to simulations of real-life activities. This trend is an interesting one to watch ... Have you personally experienced a brand using the three least targeted senses: smell, taste and touch?