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Beyond books

A lot of us in busines are voracious readers. On any given day, I will run into a colleague with a book in hand, or chat with a client who's reading one of the numerous marketing and business leadership books on the market. I'll admit, at the end of the day I am often found with a book in hand.

But there can be more interesting ways to get in touch with new information - beyond books or media.

Sometimes just a simple walk around the city (paying attention) or a conversation with someone on the train can spark the imagination. If you are an entrepreneur, designer, or marketer, the most engaging process can be to actually test out something you've helped promote. Or how about immersing yourself in a new trend to understand why it's appealing to customers and clients?

A good example of this is my newfound love for all things martial arts and self defense. I have noticed that more and more women are choosing to engage in fighting sports. I want to know what that's all about. Should I pick up a book on the socio-economic discourse of "fight" behaviour or should I take a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class?

I'll tell you which I think will be a hell of a lot more fun.