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Quark's New(?) Logo

This has already been discussed thoroughly elsewhere: antipixel, the register, creative pro, cnet, speak up ...

Nevertheless, I couldn't help mentioning it. What were they thinking? Here are the options as I see them:
1) they are big enough not to care
2) they care, but they are incompetent
3) they care, they knew of the existing brands, and they are making use of the controversy to create a buzz.
Pick any of the above.

I've never been he biggest Quark fan -- they lost me early in my career when I discovered mid-way into a project that the "undo" level stopped at one. ?? Even after they fixed the problem, I never could shake the idea that they really had no interest in developing software that made my life as a designer any easier.

Anyway, I think the new logo is actually a pretty good upgrade. It's contemporary, iconic, graphic, and will work well across a suite of products. Even if it's not terrifically creative, it works. It seems to work well enough for a legion of others...

Will it win them the battle with Adobe for market share dominance?

Not a chance.