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From a press release dated October 27, 2005:

SBC Communications Inc. today announced it will adopt AT&T, Inc. as its name following completion of its acquisition of AT&T, which is expected in late 2005.

The decision is a milestone in the history of telecommunications, extending the reign of a global icon.
AT&T is inextricably linked to the birth and growth of the communications industry, delivering ground-breaking innovations that enabled modern computers and electronic devices, wireless phones and Voice over IP (VoIP). The brand also has represented quality service, integrity and reliability for more than 120 years.

At close, the new company will unveil a fresh, new logo. After completion of the merger, the transition to the new brand will be heavily promoted with the largest multimedia advertising and marketing campaign in either company's history, as well as through other promotional initiatives.

Although the original 1984 design by renowned Saul Bass is some what dated, something should be said for brand recognition and longevity. The logo can and will be revamped but is it really necessary? Should SBC hold on to tradition and its benefits or completely abandon history and 120 years of customer association? The question is just what will this new look be and how much adjustment will it take on our behalf?