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Canada Post - Delivering When They Feel Like It

It's Thanksgiving in the States and I am in Canada not enjoying my fifth helping of homemade noodles, so maybe I am a little cranky. Nonetheless, I must rant about the sucky level of service I have received from Canada Post...again.

This is the second time I have used their unaddressed admail service, and this is the second time I have waited well over two weeks for them to deliver my postcards. According to their website, the estimated time of drop is 5-7 business days. I wonder who gets this service? Is there a society of elite that I am not a part of, some secret sect of Canada Post Superstars?

I don't expect great things from the post office - who does - but this is ridiculous.

To make matters worse, their website is useless and completely cryptic. You have to search for days to find the right contact numbers and the online business centre's instructions for setting up delivery leaves lots to be desired.

My CP counter experience was even worse. After a 10 minute castigation about not setting up my order online (as if keying in my order at the counter is just too demanding for their staff), they then tried to tell me that the way I brought my postcard bundles in was wrong. Mind you, this is the way I was told to bring the bundles in and, funny enough, the first time I brought them in that way went by without a word.

Apparently, as a Canada Post employee you can pick and choose the rules and make some up as you go along.

Next time I am going to an outside service provider. Hell, a couple of dogs, a sled, and my postcards thrown over my back would get them delivered faster.