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True Canadian Style

Well, the GDC is holding its Graphix '05 contest. They are searching for Canadianess in Graphic Design, for the "Canadian essence". I repeat myself intentionally. This is a Canadian contest for Canadian content.

The judges for this uniquely Canadian contest are Rick Poyner from England, Debbie Millman, from New York, Tan Le, from Seattle, Min Wang from Beijing and, oh yeah, Robert Sarner, from Toronto, (Director of Communications for Roots).

Excuse me but the blurb they put up about wanting an international panel doesn't fly with me (for one thing, four out of five are from western English speaking first world nations, secondly, two Americans?)

In the end, I think the selection of the judges reveals the most Canadian thing about this contest. Typically, a Canadian isn't really successfully until they succeed in another country. By electing a panel that thinly represents international graphic design and Canadian graphic design, we are just being ourselves and seeking validation through how our neighbouring countries view us.

And don't worry, I'm embarrassed enough for all of us.