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Toronto The Good

I have a special holiday greeting to the people of my city. A place I feel lucky to call home.

On Saturday afternoon I was out, rushing around, worrying about deadlines, buying gifts, etc... I got into the office and was surprised to hear a voice message from the manager of a grocery store I'd just left. He was informing me that my wallet had been found in the parking lot and that it was available to be picked up at my convenience.

First, I was shocked that I could have been so careless. Then, I began to worry about what might have been taken and if I might have to replace credit cards and bank cards -- a week before the holidays, this could have been a bit of a nightmare.

When I picked it up, I was more than relieved to find the wallet completely intact: cash, cards, everything.

It occurred to me that I was very lucky. Upon reflection, my wallet passed through many hands: the person that found it, the person that took it to the store manager, the store manager that called me, the grocery store attendant that returned it to me. These are the kind and honest people that warm the cold winters we have here in Toronto. To each, I wish a happy and wonderfully holiday season.

Now back to our 12 Days...

PS: I will be returning to that grocery store (Dominion) later this week to buy food for the holidays. They more than earned my goodwill this season!