Incite by Design

Caustic visions and shared thoughts on design, marketing, creativity, philanthropy, pop culture and business philosophy by Toronto design firm, Ricksticks Inc.



Every once and a while one can lose their way on the path to project happiness. How is it that we look to the skies for inspiration, to conjure up the spirits, or call to the gods for a bolt of genius to strike? Should we do a little rain dance or perhaps perform a ritual sacrifice? We brainstorm again and again, searching high and low for the thunder or the closest sign of electrical activity to present itself. Why do we assume that these surges stem from an external source? All too often we hope and pray something happens. As creative thinkers we have to be proactive in ensuring that these storms are always brewing. That they never fizzle out, but rather recycle from one area to another, to be called upon at a moments notice.