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Quilted paper towels and other unheard theses

So, last night as I was winding down my day, I realized I was contemplating marketing trends for paper towels.

Now, I do not currently, nor have I ever had a paper towel company as a client. No, this was just part of my wind down for the day, and it doesn't stop there. From how Paris Hilton has impacted the iconography of popular entertainment, to what Jerry Springer represents to our culture, I find it hard to turn off the analysis of things better left unanalyzed.

I do not construct a grand theory from it, and my husband becomes exasperated from the eagerness with wich I watch a fabric softener commercial, yet I cannot turn it off. I doubt that I am alone in this.

So, marketers, designers, creative directors and all the rest, what ridiculous things do you find youself cross-examining in your off-hours? What aspects of your job leak into your daily life, leaving loved ones shaking their heads?