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Take a picture, it'll last longer

Well, it seems the rampant rebranding of the giants is continuing into '06. Kodak has launched it's redesign, pictured above. Apparently something they do with some frequency.

We have seen, in recent months, the regrettable rebranding of at&t and the new celebrated Sprint identity. What will the reaction be this time?

Designers grab onto these rebrandings with such gusto. Within hours, the blog postings and comments are burning with scandalous rebukes (like this one with over 200 comments) and, less often, praise.

I sometimes wonder whether this blogging energy (and I am as guilty as any) is a bit wasted. Logos are, after all, temporary. Granted they aren't as ephemeral as an annual report or brochure, but sooner or later, they all need an update. Some will be better than the original, some will pale in comparison, just like any other type of design. Maybe we'd be better off letting them be, or at least keeping our rampant indignation to a reasonable level.

I will, of course, completely forget this the next time IBM decides it wants something "funner".