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Coca Cola - The Company

I can understand to rebrand a parent company you must remember where it came from. I appreciate the effort to marry the script with a modern typeface, but I do not think the results are as successful as they could have been. The tagline typeface does not serve as a companion, but more of a nuisance. It speaks more to the streamlined look of the formerly macromedia.

As far as making every drop count, the drops are too tight and far too close to the script. The relationship between the drops and wordmark does not sit well, and even though the drop graphic is reminiscent of a variety of unrelated brands such as the new Quarkxpress logo, it does have potential and could have been executed with more attention to proximity and orientation.

In terms of the brand extension and the website, albeit very entertaining with the animation, this is where the technical elements really come into play. For a site that seems to be put together well, the complete disregard for rationality is unsettling. The phrases, ‘Get Smarter, Get Refreshed, Get Active’ coupled with The Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness page, which sports a debacle of the Coca Cola logo, seem to be informational at first. Yet, when the following was featured on the main page under ‘Get Smarter’ and I quote, ‘Yes coffee and soda are two ways to help you stay hydrated’, all credibility is lost. Coca Cola, best known for its sugar infused products, should stick to what they know.